Survivor Videos

Our Survivor Speakers come from many different countries and had a range of experiences during the Holocaust. Some survived the concentration camps; others were in labor camps; some experienced Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) and saw their fathers arrested on that night; some escaped from Germany or Czechoslovakia without their parents on the Kindertransport to England; one hid with her family in the forest and a swamp in Poland; and still others were hidden by righteous non-Jews. They all have important and interesting stories to share with the students who attend a Face to Face field trip.

Listen to online testimony by some of our former Survivor Speakers:


Betty Gurfein Berliner
Max Edelman
Arnold Friedman
Betty Potash Gold
Zev Harel
Jacob Hennenberg
Hal Myers
Mimi Ormond
Esther Frank
Helen Potash
Hannah Rath
Jack Kleinman
Joseph Klein
Alex Zelczer
Robert Schubach


See the entire collection of Face to Face videos (Remember The Children: Hadasah Zehman Video Collection of Face to Face Presentations) at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, here. A complete boxed set of 25 DVD's and educational guide is available for $175 ppd. Contact Martha Sivertson at (216) 765-8300 ext. 101.