What teachers say about Face to Face:

"I have often told my classes that after this field trip their lives will be forever changed.  Again, I have not been proven wrong."

"This was without a doubt the best field trip I have ever planned."

"It is hard to put into words how wonderful your program was for our students and teachers.  The students talked at length about all the experiences they had that day.  Many students went home and shared their day with their parents."

"We have just finished nine weeks of Holocaust studies and this was a most appropriate closure."

"It is interesting that this year, like last year, several students told me they appreciated simply having an opportunity to go inside a synagogue. They’d never had the chance before."

"There is nothing more valuable than the opportunity to bring history alive and today you did that for them. Your message to them to let go of hate and love each other is one that I believe they will remember for a long time."

"I would like to once again say that in 31 years of education and having taken many field trips, the Face to Face presentation was by far the finest one that I have ever had the chance to attend."

"Many appreciated the fact that their generation would be the last to actually hear a survivor speak."

What students say about Face to Face:

"I enjoyed going to the temple and learning about your history."

"I think you are doing a very good thing by teaching us about Judaism and opening our eyes to another religion."

"The single most beneficial piece of information was concerning the fact that all the hate needs to stop in order for us as a people to succeed as a society."

"Your story has allowed me to understand that even if I was not involved in an act of evil, I would still be partially at fault because I would have known what was going on and chosen not to do anything about it."

"You have influenced me in ways that can’t even be described.  Thank you so much for sharing your heart!"

"Reading a book is surely heart wrenching, but hearing a first-hand account from a survivor like you is far more ghastly and eye opening than any book can ever be."

"When you spoke to us, it all became real and it helped me understand what really went on."

"After sharing your story with my fellow classmates and me, everyone has been nicer to each other."

What visitors say about Face to Face:

"We were blown away by your Face to Face Program when we attended last Tuesday. It was remarkable. All the different components of the morning were equally fascinating with, of course the survivors being an amazing feature. What a service you and all your participants are performing for the community and mankind. Especially in the face of denials that the Holocaust occurred, your work is of immense and lasting importance. Thank you very much for an immeasurably memorable and meaningful morning. Your work is invaluable."