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Shofar Campaign

The Shofar Campaign at Shaarey Tikvah is the equivalent of the Yom Kippur Appeal or the Annual Appeal available at other temples and synagogues. The proceeds from this effort go directly to operating funds and are a necessary supplement to our Dues and other fundraising activities held throughout the year. Please give generously either by indicating an amount at the payment section on these forms, using the card that will come in the mail soon, or when the donation cards become available at Yom Kippur. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to make an anonymous donation, please contact Martha Sivertson, Executive Director, at (216) 765-8300 ext. 101 or by writing martha@shaareytikvah.org.

Book of Remembrance

The Yizkor Service has always been a meaningful part of the Yom Kippur Day. At this time, we call to mind our beloved departed family members and friends. With this act, we unite their memories with the living community. As in past years, our Yom Kippur Book of Remembrance will include the names of your loved ones and will be available on Kol Nidre, October 4. Only the names of those who have passed since last Yom Kippur will be read aloud at the Yizkor Service. If you have lost a loved one during this period, when filling in the form, please place an asterisk by his/her name and they will be included. The Book of Remembrance will contain the donor’s name so that a clear relationship will be evident between the deceased and those who remember them. Kindly use the FORM below to list those you wish to be remembered. To ensure that your names are included, we must receive your list no later than September 6, 2022. It is a tradition to honor those deceased with a charitable contribution to the Synagogue. We suggest a minimum donation of $18.00 per name, but any amount is appreciated.
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Opportunities to Volunteer

Please select the shifts s in which you, your spouse, and/or your child over 16 are willing to volunteer and we will try to accommodate you. We will notify you by mid-late August. Please note the times for volunteering are 30 minutes EARLIER than service times.
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