Other Volunteer Opportunities

Being a small congregation, CST relies on the hard work of its volunteers. From joining a committee, to leading services, to helping with mailings, our volunteers are the lifeblood of our community.

We welcome your help in the following ways:

  • Teaching an adult education course
  • Leading an adult education Lunch & Learn
  • Leading a Shabbat service
  • Reading Torah
  • Chanting Haftarah
  • Giving a d’var Torah
  • Membership activities
  • Education activities
  • Development activities
  • Marketing activities
  • Sisterhood
  • Men’s Club
  • Tzedak and Chesed 
  • Home hospitality
  • Organizing an event or series of events
  • Baking for kiddush
  • Archiving synagogue history
  • Helping in the office

We welcome your involvement! To inquire about ways that you might be willing to contribute, please contact Martha Sivertson at martha@shaareytikvah.org.