Adult Activities

Adult Swim

The named was coined as a playful reference to the fact that Adult Swim programs are, by default, attended by adults only. If you are an empty-nester/never-nester/baby-boomer/baby-boomer-plus-a-few-years or just a plain adult, then you are welcome to join! Our Supper Club is the first of our initiatives. We look forward to creating more opportunities to socialize, learn and grow together. Contact Wendy Sattin for more information.

YP, Etc. (Young Professionals)                                  

YP, Etc. was formed to give Young Professionals an opportunity to learn, grow and have fun! From Chanukah parties to Sushi in the Sukkah to Tu B’shevat Seders, YP’s gather to celebrate Judaism and each other in, mainly, family homes    and entertainment venues. Communication is done through their What’sAp group  but, for now, contact Holly Sukol or Rabbi Scott Roland for more information.