The mission of Congregation Shaarey Tikvah’s Sisterhood is to help create community through social programming for all adult women and men, and to continue to support the Synagogue through fundraising and volunteering as and when needed. The Sisterhood is an auxiliary of the Synagogue comprised of women of all ages, who socialize together, pray together, and support the needs of the Congregation together.

Through Sisterhood, we:

  • Promote the welfare of the Congregation
  • Stress ethical and religious practices in everyday living
  • Further Jewish family education
  • Create and foster Jewish sentiment in the home, stimulating the observance of ceremonies in the home, and the following of dietary laws
  • Stress the observance of Shabbat and festivals
  • Foster a sense of communal responsibility on the part of all the members
  • Sponsor and participate in general programs of education as well as cultural activities in the congregation
  • Contribute to the support and encouragement of Jewish and Hebrew education
  • Participate in activities to strengthen relationships with Israel
  • Engage in such civic and philanthropic activities as approved by the Board of Directors
  • Promote the perpetuation of traditional Judaism

We offer a variety of programming events throughout the year. Keep your eyes open for information about our events in the Bulletin, the weekly email, or in synagogue mailings. We hope you’ll join us!

Sisterhood Membership Application