Sermons & Divrei Torah

Rabbi Scott invests time and passion into his weekly talks by staying abreast of current trends in the sciences, humanities and the public sphere. He connects traditional Jewish learning with the best of contemporary scholarship to present us with relevant, entertaining and moving talks. As our sages note, words that genuinely come from one heart readily enter another’s.

Our tradition teaches that there are Shivim Panim l’Torah—70 faces to the Torah. We take that seriously, and provide guidelines and learning tools so that members can share with us their insights into the parsha (the weekly Torah reading). Our members work in academia, the arts, medicine and law, business and the trades. Their rich life experiences provide openings that consistently demonstrate that Torah is a book for all time and all people.

We welcome your time and passion as well! If you are interested in giving a D’var Torah, please contact Deborah Coleman.