As a small congregation, Shaarey Tikvah offers genuine opportunities to get involved in the life of the synagogue—from reading Torah, leading services, and giving divrei Torah, to organizing events and serving on committees that benefit our community and strengthen your skills as a leader.

CST is run by a number of committees that meet regularly. We are also lucky to have countless volunteers who help in the office, bake goodies for kiddish, run programs, and contribute in a myriad of ways. There are too many people to name here, but they are the lifeblood of our congregation.

Executive Committee

This committee works to formulate and implement the vision and goals of the synagogue. The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the synagogue, plus two past presidents as selected by the current board president. The Executive Committee is chaired by Ed Kneitel, Board President.

Budget and Finance Committee

This committee formulates the annual budget and tracks income and expense through out the year. Budget and Finance is chaired by Jeff Cohen, Board Treasurer and, the immediate past president.

Tzedak and Chesed Task Forces

These task forces were formed to identify and serve community efforts outside CST and to supply comfort and services to CST congregants in need of meals, cards, or (limited) financial assistance. Contact Holly Sukol

Education Va’ad

This committee works with Education staff to develop programs for children and adults. The Shabbat School and Adult Lunch and Learns come under this committee. The Va’ad chaired by Erin Stone Tompkins

Worship Committee

This committee is charged with evaluating service related issues and is chaired by David Hutt.

Membership Committee

This committee is charged with evaluating current membership issues as well as the recruitment of new members. The Membership Committee is chaired by Alyson Fieldman

Marketing Committee

This committee helps set the marketing strategy for the synagogue and assists with supporting our staff on marketing initiatives, like this website. The Marketing Committee is chaired by Alyson Fieldman.

Nominating Committee

This committee exists to identify and nominate future Board leaders for the synagogue. Leadership changes year-to-year but chaired but the previous past-president.

Safety and Security Committee

This committee exists to identify safety and security issues throughout the CST buldings and grounds. Mitigation efforts then result in working with staff to secure funding. This committee is chaired by Gil Rubanenko.

Racial Inclusion Task Force

This task force was formed to allow congregants to develop a sensitivity to issues around understanding and welcoming people of color to CST. Through workshops, diversity in children’s literature, book groups, and signage, they develop ways to raise awareness of issues that may be offensive or alienating to our diverse audiences.

LGBTQIA+ Task Force

This task force was formed to identify issues related to LGBTQIA+ participation at CST . They plan and run an annual PRIDE Shabbat each June. For more information, contact Brynna Fish.